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L K Distributing has a fleet of fully equipped service and delivery vehicles.
We service our customers dishwashers by descaling ,verifing wash arms and
rinse jets on a no charge basis, We also service any commercial make and model of Dishwashers and Glasswashers.

Excellence in chemical dispensing is just the beginning.
At L K Distributing we look at each operation of your chemical requirements
to give you the maximum efficiency at the lowest consumption ensuring the
highest quality results. We work to train your staff in procedures for handling
and applying today's institutional chemicals for a safe working environment

From the innovative approach of our technical group, to sales team that responds,
and the experience of our service department, look to L K Distributing for solutions.
Your needs are constantly changing. Your requirements from a chemical supplier
change too. You can rely on the experts at L K Distributing to meet those changing