Dishwashing Detergent
dish chem

DP-3000 - A premium quality powder detergent designed for most dishwashers.

TOP LINE - A low cost powder detergent.
BARCLEAN - Used in low temp dishwashing and mechanical glasswashing. This germicidal agent sanitizes by releasing chlorine elements to destroy bacteria.
PREMIUM 303 DETERGENT - A detergent designed for hard water situations. Great in low temperature situations.

Warewashing Washing

White DETERGENT- A powder detergent used for washing Pots & Pans by hand.

Elite POT AND PAN - A premium liquid detergent

POT & PAN SUDS- A premium powder detergent for washing Pots & Pans by hand.
PAN PERFECT- A premium liquid detergent that combats grease.


ULTRA LAUNDRY DETERGENT- Economical Powder detergent.

HE LAUNDRY 20 LT - A high efficiency low foam detergent that is formulated for front loading washing machines.  100 % phosphate free, colour guard reduces fading of colours.
(Powdered Bleach)

Pre Soak & Destainers
pre soak

L-4000 PRESOAK - A quality liquid cutlery presoak that will leave your cutlery sparkling.

PLASTIC PRESOAKA powder presoak for removing stains in plastic plates and cups.

Rinse Additives
rinse add

SPOT FREE - A formulated rinse agent that eliminates streaks and gives spot free results at water temperatures of 80 degrees Celsius

COLD WATER RINSE - A special rinse aid formulated for glasswashers that rinse with cold water.

PREMIUM 101 RINSE - A rinse agent that guarantees spot free results. Great in low temperature situations.


SANI POWDER This powdered Sanitizer is used for sanitizing equipment.  Safe on most soft metals.

D G 194 SANITIZER - A highly effective sanitizing cleaner.

SANI QUAT - A sanitizer for pot and pan washing where a quat based sanitizer is preferred & in a three sink system.  Other uses include a sanitizer for food contact surfaces & as a deodorant for any area of protein contamination & where a food grade sanitizer is required.


SUPER DEGREASER - A tough all-purpose solvent based cleaner

DEGREASE IT - A Gel Oven Cleaner with powerful chemical action that makes it an effective product to deal with burnt on grease and carbon deposits.  DeGrease It is water based and poses no hazard when used around hot kitchen equipment.

Hand Care

UP-87 - A liquid hand soap for commercial dispensers.

PURELL HAND SANITIZER - Kills 99.99% of the most common germs that may cause illness.
PINK FLAMINGO HAND SOAP- An economy minded, lightly Pearlized pink hand soap. Pleasantly scented.


NEW VENT CLEAN - This product is used in kitchen exhaust hoods with automatic washdown system. Providing degreasing of light to heavy soils.
LIME DESCALER - A concentrated formulation to provide safe dissolving of calcium deposits on metal surfaces.
OVEN QUEEN- A premium oven and grill cleaner.  Particularyly good for busy kitchens that seldom shut down as it is designed not to produce obnoxious fumes and odours.
TIGER OVEN CLEANER - A blend of surface agents combined with powerful alkaline emulsifiers to penetrate baked-on grease.

NO FOAM - A White liquid thats used to control foaming in dishwashers and pot washers where foam and suds are a problem.

A concentrated, very high quality all-purpose neutral cleaner. This product is non-toxic, and biodegradable . The unique blend of effective cleaning materials rapidly penetrates and removes soil without damaging the gloss of floor finishes, while deodorizing with a fresh lemon fragrance

Green Products



ENVIRO 1000 - A  biological floor cleaner that is highly effective in penetrating porous floor surfaces and eliminate grease and organic materials . Synergistic combination of microbial technology provides long term deep cleaning by removing embedded residual organic material found in pores, cracks, corners and crevices.

ECO TERRA XTAcid Replacement all-purpose Cleaner – Xtra ClingNon Caustic, No Acid and No fumes.  A powerful yet completely safe non-corrosive cleaner for removal of stubborn water scale, soap scum, rust stains, grease, mildew and mold.  Absolutely no harsh fumes and is completely biodegradable.  Cleans stainless steel, terrazzo, quarry tiles, aluminum, copper, concrete and brick.

BIOZYMEEnvironmentally safe Biological Drain Opener. Organically dissolves clogs in drains and instantly destroys malodors.  Unique natural enzyme formula designed to open and remove build-up from slow running drains.  Starts working faster than other organic waste removers due to its unique blend of natural solvent and enzymes.